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Instead of usual light and peppery bak kut teh that is more commonly found here, Leon Kee Claypot Pork Rib Soup Pork Rib Soup serves up Hokkien bak kut teh. The darker soup is stronger in taste and usually tastes more herbally too thanks to the addition of soy sauce and herbs.

The stall is also recommended by the Michelin Guide Singapore, as a recipient of a Michelin Plate.

Other than Pork Rib Soup, the store also has Pig Tail Soup, Pig Trotter, and Claypot Oyster Omelette. I got a small portion of Herbal Pork Rib Soup for $7, and it came with three huge ribs swimming in a claypot of soup. While claypot stalls usually take awhile to serve, the soup was ready in a couple of minutes.

light and peppery bak kut teh

The dark soup isn’t as strong as it looks if you’re comparing it to the Malaysian bak kut teh. The refreshing herbal taste with a savoury taste from the pork ribs. The ribs were boiled but weren’t dry - it took just a little prodding for the meat to come off the bones. While the soup is hearty enough to warm you up on a rainy day, get a serving of rice to really indulge in a satisfying meal.
If you get the other soups like Pig Tail Soup and Meatball Soup, they will be cooked in the same broth. The soups usually come in two different portion sizes; get the smaller one for a individual portion and the bigger size to share.

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